NjDesktop 2.1 released

This version introduces controls: icon list, tree view, list view and a demo application on how these can be used together.

NjDesktop 2 released

NjDesktop 2 is the modern version of the robust Javascript desktop framework for modern browsers. It has shed most of its dependencies. The only runtime dependencies are Interact.js for moving and resizing the windows and uuid for some unique ids. Also the Interact library provides more functionality which can be useful when building apps with NjDesktop.



Differences from NjDesktop 1 features

Important note: This version is not compatible with NjDesktop 1

NjDesktop documentation


Github repository:

NPM package:



My name is Nagy Ervin and I'm a full-stack developer at Lynx Solutions.

NjDesktop is one of my personal projects. The first version was written for a client who was a fan of the web desktop. The project looked nice in it and its features did fit nicely in a desktop environment. However, the first version was put together in a hurry and later features had always shown that they were an afterthought. NjDesktop 2 is here to fix that.