Class constructor, the most used function, this one creates a window and returns it as an object.

nJDSK.Window(width, height, title, toolbar, content, id, dialog, modal, fullGlass, createCallback)


  • int width the initial width of the window
  • int height the initial height of the window
  • string title window title
  • string toolbar predefined toolbar (HTML)
  • string content window contents
  • string id window id, can be generated with nJDSK.uniqid()
  • bool dialog speecifies the type of the window (dialogs cannot be resized, have no toolbar nor footer)
  • bool modal specifies whether the window will be displayed with an overlay
  • bool fullGlass shows the window with semitransparent content area
  • function createCallback the function to be executed after the window has been created


var newWindow = new nJDSK.Window(640,480,'A window with text','',msg, nJDSK.uniqid(),false,false,false,function(id)

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