A new Javascript/jQuery virtual desktop

A couple of months ago i played around with some DOM and jQuery stuff, when i came across jQuery Desktop. It is an amazing piece of code, well thought, well done and pretty compact. I liked the idea, and tried to use it, but it had many limitations (the desktop and the windows had to be pregenerated). I’ve managed to overcome some of its limits, but it didn’t feel right.

In order to get all the functionality i needed, i used some of the code from it and created my implementation of the desktop paradigm: nJDesktop.

This one has now many of the features i need, and even more. As i’ve got the things for it (jQuery, it’s plugins, the icons and the graphics) for free, i made it an open source project available under a GPL v3 license.

The code is well commented, in order to facilitate it’s use and reduce the learning curve.

In the near future i will create the documentation for it, so it can be readily available, without fetching through the code for comments. The documentation is available here.

Click here to go to the nJDesktop page.

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