NJDesktop update 0.7.6

It’s been a long time since I updated NjDesktop. I got a nice request of adding onMinimize, onMaximize events and the ability to minimize and maximize windows by id.

Well, this release is pretty much meeting these.

Updates in this release


  • Updated jQuery to 1.11.2
  • Updated jQuery UI to 1.11.4
  • Removed UltButtons.js (jQuery UI had fixed the issues with the radio and checkbox buttons, thus ultButtons is no longer required)

New events:

  • Window.onMinimize – triggered when a window is minimized
  • Window.onMaximize – triggered when a window is maximized
  • Window.onRestore – triggered when a window is restored from minimized state

These events can be defined after the window has been created.

New methods:

  • Window.minimize – minimize a window
  • Window.maximize – maximize a window (if called on an already maximized window, it will restore it to its previous size)
  • Window.restore – restores a window from the taskbar (if called on a visible window, it will be minimized)

How to call these methods?

A window always can be found by its ID.

The window’s id can be found in the id attribute of its main div, having the ‘window‘ class, and looks like this:


The ID is the numeric part.

var tmpWin = nJDSK.WindowList.get_window(1234567890)

then call any of these methods



Click here for download

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