NjDesktop update 0.7 – Support for events

This new release has the following updates:

  • Support for events
    • Create event (this event has to be specified through the constructor as a callback function)
    • onResize event – specified after the window has been created
    • onBeforeClose event – specified after the window has been created. Window close can be cancelled in this event by returning false. For example, a confirm box can be used in this event. 
    • onAfterClose event – specified after the window has been created. Can be used for various clean-up tasks
  • Some minor code quality updates

Click here to get it.

2 thoughts on “NjDesktop update 0.7 – Support for events

  1. This is an excellent update for an excellent desktop! For a future release, my vote goes to “onMinimize” and “onMaximize” 🙂 And a function that would allow us to maximize a window by id.

    • Hi Eric,

      If you’re still monitoring this thread, I just want to let You know that a new release of nJDesktop is out and it contains what you suggested. :). Please check the documentation for details.

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